Landing Pages and Pay-Per-Click Campaigns for Contractors

PPC Advertising for HVAC Companies

PPC Advertising for Contractors

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an internet advertisement that can drive traffic or encourage people to visit your website. The owner of the website pays the publisher per click. Pay-per-click works with Google ads, Banner ads, as well as Bing Ads. A fixed price is charged by the site as per the click. Different websites show ads related to the same content and charge as per the click. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter have also adopted Pay-per-click.

The ads gets displayed once any user visits the website and types the content related to the ad. These ads are known as sponsored ads. The person who owns the website chooses the ads to be displayed on the content site.

There are two types of PPC models:

Bid based PPC model: In the bid-based model, the advertiser has to compete against other advertisers, which are organized by a publisher after the contract is signed. The auction is then performed once any user triggers the ad spot.

Flat rate PPC model: In the flat rate model, both the advertiser and publisher fix an amount that will be paid once any user clicks on their ads. The amount is usually decided based on the content that will be displayed on the website.

However, in both cases, potential value is decided for a click. PPC campaigns not only focus on revenue but also target the interest of customers that visit the website.

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